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Is the cream also suitable for men?

Yes the cream is suitable for all skin types.

Can you use the cream during the day and at night?

The cream hydrates the skin intensively, that is why we recommend using the cream every time after cleansing your face.

Do you also ship to Switzerland? 

Yes, we ship worldwide.

Is the cream free of animal testing?

Yesthe cream is 100% animal test free, we disapprove of animal testing and only work with companies that do not test on animals.

Is the cream vegan?

Yes, the cream is 100% vegan. Together with dermatologists, we have selected the best, pure and unprocessed ingredients.

Are your products dermatologically tested?

Yes, all our products are tested by experienced dermatologists.

How can I store my facial cream without losing quality?

It is important to wash your hands beforehand. You can alsochoose to use a cosmetic spoon so no dirt gets into your jar and always close the jar properly.